Alycia is a GTA based visual artist and designer. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Ryerson University in April 2015 and Her Ontario College Diploma in Visual Merchandising Arts at Sheridan College In April 2017

During her undergrad, she  worked primarily with the medium of collage art. Working from mostly vintage magazines, she became fascinated with the way women were portrayed in these publications. Her thesis was a series of images questioning our obsessive scrutiny of the textures and forms present in the female body, by melding them with those found in nature. Sourcing from these magazines, the images exude an aesthetic associated with the advent of the modern housewife gone slightly awry. Since they were made primarily with magazines geared toward women, she attempted to recontextualize and subvert the image’s original intent.

itching to still remain in school and learn something else, she studied a slightly different field with visual merchandising. Alycia enjoys working primarily in graphic design, creative merchandising, and fabrication. She became interested in the field while working many retail jobs during her undergrad. Being tasked to create in-store signage and assist with window installations and merchandise displays, she Realized this was what she wanted to do. Whether it be decorating and staging her own bedroom, hosting dinner parties with friends, or even just admiring beautiful shop windows, aspects of the visual merchandising field were things she had been passionate about her whole life, without even realizing it.

About Alycia